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The Centre for Transcultural Research and Media Practice

Located in the School of Creative Media, College of Arts and Tourism, Media, Dublin Institute of Technology, the Centre for Transcultural Research and Media Practice (CTMP) offers a distinctive, interdisciplinary postgraduate and research environment, dedicated to scholarly and public understandings of migration and globalization, diasporic formations and transnationalism, media and civil society activism, post-conflict/border zones, and transcultural identity formations in Ireland and beyond. Drawing on the fields of film, media and cultural studies, the Centre promotes the use of documentary and ethnographic modes of practice, utilizing new and established media technologies. CTMP constitutes a dynamic interface between film and screen media production, the creative arts and public engagement.

FOMACS (2007-2011)

The Forum on Migration and Communication (FOMACS), which creates and curates as Counterpoints Arts in London (, was a Centre-led cross-sectoral production-based creative hub producing film, photography, digital storytelling, radio and animation on the topic of immigration into Ireland, with the aim of not only reaching but engaging diverse audiences.

FOMACS worked collaboratively with numerous partners including among others: migration NGOs, filmmakers, digital designers, photographers, journalists, cultural institutes, arts organizations, curators, planners, theatre practitioners, writers, academics, teachers and youth groups.