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15th December

Visual Anthropology Seminars/Screenings (Lucien Taylor)

Big Timber: Fragments from a Filmwork-in-Progress about Sheepherder Naturecultures in the American West

Thursday 15th December
Screening and Talk: 11:00am -1:00 pm.
Photography and Digital Imaging Studio, DIT
31 East Essex Street, Temple Bar

Lucien Taylor, Associate Director of the The Film Centre &
Professor of Visual & Environmental Studies and Anthropology,
Harvard University, USA

Lucien Taylor is an ethnographic filmmaker and writer on documentary film and visual anthropology. Taylor is currently at work on a feature-length non-fiction film Big Timber (with Ilisa Barbash) about the culture of sheepherders in Montana, and their relationships to the land and their animals, as well as to various other constituencies and ideologies, ranging from environmentalism to globalisation, imposing on their lives. His previous works (all co-directed with Barbash, and broadcast on national and cable television in the United States and Europe) include Made in USA (1990), a film about sweatshops and child labour in the Los Angeles garment industry, and In and Out of Africa (1992), a video about authenticity, taste, and racial politics in the transnational African art market. In and Out of Africa won eight international awards and has been the subject of symposia at the Smithsonian Institution and the British Museum.

Taylor’s written publications include Visualizing Theory (ed., Routledge, 1994), Cross-Cultural Filmmaking (with Ilisa Barbash, University of California Press, 1997), and Transcultural Cinema, a collection of essays by the filmmaker David MacDougall (ed., Princeton University Press, 1998). He was also the founding editor of the American Anthropological Association’s journal Visual Anthropology Review (1991–1994).

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