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September 2007

Book/DVD - Projecting Migration: Transcultural Documentary Practice

Projecting Migration: Transcultural Documentary Practice (2007, Wallflower Press), co-edited by Alan Grossman and Aine O'Brien, is an integrated book/DVD-ROM anthology, comprising contributions from scholars/practitioners working across transnational locations as diverse as the US/Mexico border, southern Africa, Lebanon and Ireland, and different media formats – documentary film, video, photography, radio and new media. It provides a timely foregrounding of audiovisual practice-based scholarship as a transdisciplinary engagement with the material and embodied dimensions of migration, together with the changing conditions of place and locality. This volume gives prominence to collaborative research processes conducted across the arts, humanities and social sciences, and the fieldwork practices surrounding the assemblage and dissemination of documentary media. Thematically, the contributors address economic and forced migration, border crossings, uprootings, diasporic history and memory, migration and childhood, the transnational family, post-conflict landscapes, migrant youth culture and photographic archives of migration; the DVD-ROM offers the reader a viewing source of selective media content referenced in the chapters.

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