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5 July

New CTMP Doctoral Programme: 'Cultural Studies and Social Documentary Practice'

The Centre for Transcultural Research and Media Practice will be launching its new taught doctoral programme in October 2010.

*See pdf (opposite) for outline of programme.

For further information and how to apply, please contact Dr Alan Grossman (email;; Tel; +353-1-4027129).

Application Deadline: 23 August

Overview of Programme
The thematic and methodological focus of this interdisciplinary 4-year programme is to train graduate students in critical thinking and the use of audiovisual media in the ethnographic representation of the interlinked processes of migration and globalization, postcolonialism and transationalism, site-specific post-conflict border zones, and the formation of transcultural and transclocalised identities crosscut by the intersecting concerns of cultural studies: race, class, ethnicity, gender, age, sexuality and religion in both Ireland and beyond. The programme foregrounds the conceptualization, creation, exhibition and distribution of documentary modes of practice, using contemporary media technologies, elevating the quality of both academic and public attentiveness to questions of social justice within and across a diverse range of communities situated within and outside Ireland.

The programme will deliver the following three core modules:
Research Methods (‘Critical Approaches in Audiovisual and Qualitative Research Methodologies')
Critical and Cultural Theory (‘Visual Cultures: From Modernity to Diversity')
Cross-Platform Media Practice (‘Cross-Platform Documentary Practice')

To date doctoral students in CTMP have conducted a combination of written and practice-based fieldwork (video, photography, digital storytelling) projects with diverse constituencies including children, youth, economic migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in Ireland, Nigeria, Italy, UK and the Philippines.






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