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Dr Brian O'Neill

Dr Brian O'Neill

MA Philosophy (NUIG)
PhD Sociology (University of Dublin, Trinity College)

P: +353-1-4023481
Campus: DIT Rathmines Road

Brian O'Neill is Head of the School of Media in the Faculty of Arts and Tourism. His principal research and teaching interests are in the following areas: social impact of new technologies; audience and reception studies; auditory culture; digital environments and new modes of production and consumption; radio studies; media education and media literacy policy. He is a member of the Digital Radio Cultures in Europe research group ( - initiated under the COST Action A20). He has been the recipient of Broadcasting Commission of Ireland Media Research awards in 2007 (for research on media literacy in the public sphere) and in 2008 (for emerging strategies for digital radio in Ireland. Previous research commissions include Office of the Minister for Children (2005) for a project on Play and Technology, and Radharc Media in 2006 on Critical Media Literacy in Ireland, jointly with Dublin City University. He is Chair of the IAMCR Audience section and national contact for EU Kids Online, funded under the EU Safer Internet Programme. He is the DIT Faculty Chair of the Forum on Migration and Communications (FOMACS) Executive Committee.

Doctoral supervision areas include policy oriented research in broadcasting and in media education, qualitative and practice-based research in media literacy, cultural history, multicultural broadcasting and minority media production.

Selected Publications

O'Neill, B. ‘Media Effects research' in Handbook of Media Audiences, Handbooks in Global Media and Communication, V. Nightingale ed. Oxford: Blackwell.

Contributor to J. Jackson ‘The Socio-Cultural Context of Media Markets', G.F. Lowe and C. Nissen (eds.) Broadcast Media in Small Nations, The Media Management and Transformation Centre at the Jönköping Business School, Sweden.

O'Neill, B. ‘The Long History of Digital Radio: Old Media in a New Century' in The Long History of New Media: Technology, Historiography, and Newness Contextualized. David W. Park, Nick Jankowski, Steve Jones eds. New York: Peter Lang.

Digital Radio in Europe: Technologies, Industries and Cultures, edited by B. O'Neill, P. Jauert, S. Lax, M. Ala-Fossi. Bristol: Intellect Books.

B. O'Neill, ‘ Media Literacy and Communication Rights: Ethical Individualism In The New Media Environment', International Communications Gazette, Vol. 72 (3).

B. O'Neill, ‘Current Policy Developments in Media Literacy', International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics, Vol. 6 (2).

McQuillan, H. and B. O'Neill, ‘Gender Differences in Children's Internet Use - Key findings from Europe.' Journal of Children and Media, 3 (4).

O'Neill, B. ‘DAB Eureka-147: The European Platform for Digital Radio', New Media and Society, 11 (1/2).

(with) P. Jauert, S. Lax, M. ala-Fossi, 'The Future of Radio is Still Digital - But Which One? Expert Perspectives and Future Scenarios for Radio Media in 2015', Journal of Radio & Audio Media 15(1): 4-25.

‘Digital Radio Policy in Canada: from analog replacement to multimedia convergence’, Journal of Radio and Audio Media, 15(1): 26-40.

‘Digital Audio Broadcasting in Canada: Technology and Policy in the Transition to Digital Radio’. Canadian Journal of Communication, Vol.32, No.1.

‘CBC.CA: Branding, Canadianization and Broadcast Sovereignty on the Web’, Convergence Vol. 12, no 2, Summer.

(with Howley, H.) ‘Teaching the Media in Ireland’ , Andrew Hart and Daniel Süss, (Eds): Media Education in 12 European Countries: A Comparative Study of Teaching Media in Mother Tongue Education in Secondary Schools, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, 2002.

'Media Education in Ireland', Irish Communications Review, Vol. 8.

'Lifting the Veil - The Arts, Broadcasting and Irish Society’, Media Culture and Society. Vol. 22(6).


‘The Arts Show Audience: Cultural Confidence and Middlebrow Arts Consumption’ in Mary J. Kelly and Barbara O’Connor (eds.) Media Audiences in Ireland: Power and Cultural Identity, Dublin: UCD Press.

Published Reports

O’Neill, B., and Barnes, C. Media Literacy and the Public Sphere: A Contextual Study for Public Media Literacy Promotion in Ireland. Dublin: Broadcasting Commission of Ireland.

Foley, M. Hayes, N. and O’Neill, B. Children’s Rights and Journalism Practice: A Rights-Based Perspective.UNICEF.

Barnes, C., Corcoran, F., Flanagan, B. and O’Neill, B. Final Report: Critical Media Literacy in Ireland. Dublin: Radharc Media Trust.

Downey, S., Hayes, N., O’Neill, B. Final Report, Play & Technology. Dublin: Office of the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs.

Conference Papers and Seminars

‘Communication Rights, Digital Literacy and Ethical Individualism in the New Media Environment', Paper given to the Communication Policy and Technology Section, IAMCR Annual Conference- Human Rights and Communication, Mexico City, July 21-24, 2009.

‘Fostering Critical Thinking and Intercultural Understanding: Canada’s Contribution to Media Literacy’, presented at Green Gables to Globalization: Crossover, Canada and Children’s Books, IBBY: The International Bureau for Books for Youth (Irish Branch), Dublin.

‘Developing Digital Radio for Ireland: Emerging Approaches and Strategies’, presented at RIPE@2008, (Re-Visionary Interpretations of the Public Enterprise), Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany.

‘Media Literacy and the Public Sphere: Contexts for Public Media Literacy Promotion in Ireland’, presented at Media, Communication and Humanity, Media@lse Fifth Anniversary Conference, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK.

‘EU Kids Online: Young People’s Internet Use in Four European Countries and Implications for Media Literacy Provision’, presented at 2000 IAMCR Congress: Media and Global Divides, Stockholm, Sweden.

‘DAB Eureka-147: The European Vision for Digital Radio’. Pre-Conference: The Long History of New Media: Contemporary and Future Developments Contextualized, International Communication Association, Annual Convention. Montréal, Canada.

‘Back to the Future: The Emergence of Contrasting European and US Approaches to Digital Radio’. Exploring New Media Worlds: Changing Technologies, Industries, Cultures, and Audiences in Global and Historical Context, Texas A&M University, USA.

‘Digital Radio Policy in Canada: Fragmentation or Evolution of the Medium’, presented at IAMCR 50th Annual Congress, UNESCO, Paris.

‘Panel: Platforms for Digital Radio – Competition and Complementarity’, presented at The Radio Conference: A Transnational Forum University of Lincoln, Lincoln, UK.

‘Digital Radio in Canada: From DAB to Multi-platform Approaches’, presented at the 52nd Convention of the Broadcast Education Association (BEA), Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

‘Digital Radio Cultures in Europe: Progress to Date and Prospects for the Future. A Review of Research Produced by DRACE’. IREN Colloquium, Radio and Research: Directions and Predictions for the Future. Louvain-la-Neuve/Brussels, 9-10 November.

‘Experiences Of Interaction And Participation In Media Communication In A Digital Environment’. IAMCR 2006 Conference Cairo.

‘Layperson Participation on Radio and the Internet in three European Countries, COST Action A20 Plenary Conference “The Impact of the Internet on the Mass Media in Europe” Delphi, Greece, 26-28 April 2006.


‘Play & Technology– A Study Of ICTs In Play Activities Of Irish Children (4-8 and 8-12)’, Childhoods 2005, University of Oslo.

‘Does the Internet fundamentally change anything?: European research and the COST A20 action on the impact of the Internet on mass media (Television, Newspapers and Radio)’. 10th International Conference on Information Technology and Journalism, Inter-University Centre, Dubrovnik, Croatia.


‘The Technological Landscape: The Irish Situation’, COST Digital Radio Cultures in Europe (DRACE), The Bergen Seminar.

‘Listening Spaces: Audiophiles, Technology and Domestic Music Listening’, SOUNDING OUT 2 – An International Symposium on Sound in the Media.

‘Euromedia: Teaching the Media in Ireland’, European Educational Research Association’, Lille, France.

‘Media Education in Ireland’, Summit 2000 for Media Education and Research, Toronto, Canada.

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